Mission 90


Have you accepted the Mission?

Mission 90 is a new team  contest that is not based on how long you’ve been a Seacret Agent, it’s not based on your rank at Seacret, Mission 90 is based on your activity level!  Make 90 – 15 minute or longer presentations using the new 1 page (back and front) tool or your Agent Flip Chart by May 1st, 2014 and you will earn a FREE 5 DAY, 4 Night Cruise To Baja Mexico later this year!

Want to know more?  Click on the MISSION 90 TAB at this top of this website (top right) and review all of the files for MISSION 90!  Listen to ALL OF THE MISSION 90 Training Calls under the Daily Calls tab at the top of this site!

To qualify, one thing you MUST DO is to send in your WEEKLY MISSION 90 TRACKING SHEET to agentmission90@gmail.com by Saturday Midnight Pacific Standard Time.  All the rules and stipulations are listed under the two tabs referenced above.



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