NEW SEACRET UNIVERSITY TAB! If you are in a marketplace that currently does not have a weekly SU please utilize the 12 Training Modules for Agents located at the Seacret University Tab at Module 1 Video is below.

7 Figure Income Earner, TIM HERR shares his vast knowledge as an industry expert in all 12 Modules.  This is an INCREDIBLE RESOURCE that will make you an Expert Seacret Agent no matter where you live, if you invest the time to WATCH and TAKE NOTES.   

If you DO NOT have a local SU you may want to get together with your local team WEEKLY and go through the Modules. Make sure your LONG DISTANCE Recruits know about theses SU training’s! 

Also, there is a Bonus Module (13) of Jesse Macpherson and Tim Herr doing a LIVE SEACRET OPPORTUNITY OVERVIEW!

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